Invited Speakers

INVITED TALKS (Confirmed Speakers to Date)

Snezhana I. Abarzhi (Australia)
“On the fundamentals of Rayleigh-Taylor instability and interfacial Rayleigh-Taylor mixing”

Olivier Agullo (France)
“Turbulence driven magnetic islands: fundamental mechanisms, zonal flows and neoclassical effects”

Hiroshi Akatsuka (Japan)
“Basic Experiments of Expanding Arc-Jet with Low-Ionization Degree and its Hybrid Simulation”

Franco Alladio (Italy)
“Plasma Torus ejection from the PROTO-SPHERA Centerpost Plasma”

Félicie Albert (USA)
“Development and applications of light sources driven by laser-wakefield acceleration with picosecond lasers”

Akira Ando (Japan)
“Characteristics of transonic plasma flow in an expanding and Laval-type magnetic field”

A Beklemishev (Russia)
“New confinement regimes and revival of hopes for fusion in linear traps”

Marco Borghesi (UK)
“Progress in laser-driven ion acceleration towards medical applications”

Ceri Brenner (UK)
“Application and development of laser-driven x-rays for non-destructive testing in nuclear waste management and aerospace performance inspection”

Viacheslav Budaev (Russia)
“Generalized self-similarity of intermittent plasma turbulence in space and laboratory plasmas”

Diego del Castillo-Negrete (USA)
“Relativistic runaway electrons in magnetically confined fusion plasmas”

Haihong Che (USA)
“On the Rates of Steady, Quasi-steady and Impulsive Magnetic Reconnection”

Minjun Choi (Korea)
“Multiscale interaction between a large scale magnetic island and small scale turbulence in KSTAR tokamak plasmas”

Gregory Denisov (Russia)
“Gyro-devices and their plasma applications”

B J Ding (China)
“Progress of lower hybrid current drive towards long-pulse plasma with high performance in EAST”

Siye Ding (China/USA)
“Joint EAST DIII-D high poloidal beta research on the path to steady state”

Seth Dorfman (USA)
“First Satellite Measurement of the ULF Wave Growth Rate in the Ion Foreshock”

Fabrice Doveil (France)
“Wave-Particle Interaction studied in a Traveling Wave Tube”

Jan Egedal (USA)
“Accessing Collisionless Reconnection Regimes in the Terrestrial Reconnection Experiment (TREX)”

Guillaume Fuhr (France)
“Generation and evolution of the external transport barrier in non-linear plasma edge simulations”

Shinsuke Fujioka (Japan)
“Magnetized Fast Isochoric Heating as Alternative Way to Ignition”

Walter Gekelman (USA)
“Spiky Electric and Magnetic Field Structures in Flux Rope Experiments”

Andrew Gibson (UK)
“Non-thermal plasma delivery via high aspect ratio needles: electron and chemical kinetics”

Ozgur Gurcan (France)
“Wavenumber space patterns in fluid and plasma turbulence”

Alexey Gurchenko (Russia)
“GAM-controlled TEM turbulence self-organization and transport isotope effect in FT-2 tokamak experiment and gyrokinetic modeling”

Chris Hegna (USA)
“Identifying mechanisms to reduce turbulent transport in stellarators with three-dimensional shaping”

Matthew Hole (Australia)
“Energetic particle driven mode activity: advances in understanding from linear through hard nonlinear regime”

Martin Hron (Czech Republic)
“COMPASS tokamak plasma in the vicinity of the L-H transition: GAMs, Reynold stress, and limit cycle oscillations”

Omar Hurricane (USA)
“Beyond alpha-heating: driving inertially confined implosions toward a burning-plasma state on the National Ignition Facility”

Matteo Iafrati (Italy)
“Experiments with liquid metals in the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (FTU)”

Codrina Ionita (Austria)
“Development, construction and application of new diagnostic tools for transport measurements in the Scrape-Off Layer (SOL) of Medium-Size Tokamaks (MST)”

Jay Johnson (USA)
“Shear-driven aurora”

Laurène Jouve (France)
“What do numerical simulations tell us about the magnetic fields of stars?”

Sunao Katsuki (Japan)
“Application of high power pulse electric field on biological effects”

Keun Su Kim (Canada)
“Low-dimensional Nanomaterials by Thermal Plasma Jets”

Kazunori Koga (Japan)
“A deep insight of plasma nano-particle interaction”

Defeng Kong (China)
“Dynamics of the pedestal in the recovery phase between type-III ELMs”

Andreas Krämer-Flecken (Germany)
“Investigation of turbulence rotation and radial electric field in the island divertor and plasma edge at W7-X”

Sergei Krasheninnikov (USA)
“1.5 D Hamiltonian approach to electron dynamics in relativistic laser and quasi-static electric and magnetic fields”

Sergey Leonov (USA)
“Quasi-DC discharge for a high-speed flow control”

B. Lyu (China)
“Experimental study of LHCD’s effect on plasma rotation on EAST”

Tomas Markovich (Czech Republic)
“Effect of high-field side error fields and their corrections on H-mode plasma performance in the COMPASS tokamak”

Akinobu Matsuyama (Japan)
“Recent developments in runaway electron simulations for tokamak disruptions: fluid and kinetic modeling to overcome the scale gap issue”

Warren Mori (USA)

Gen Motojima (Japan)
“Enabling neutral particle control using divertor pumping in the Large Helical Device”

Manuel Garcia Muñoz (Spain)
“Taming Alfvén waves in tokamaks”

Kazunobu Nagasaki (Japan)
“Response of Plasma Performance to Magnetic Configuration and Heating/Current Drive in Heliotron J”

Masaki Nishiura (Japan)
“Progress in the Dipole Plasma Experiment RT-1”

M. Nunami (Japan)
“Neoclassical and turbulent transport of impurities in multi-species plasmas”

Yasushi Ono (Japan)
“Scaling Study of Reconnection Heating in Torus Plasma Merging Experiments”

Peter O’Shea (Canada)
“Developments in magnetized target fusion”

Francesco Pegoraro (Italy)
“Lagrangian coherent structures in magnetized plasmas: a new tool for characterizing particle transport”

Arakel Petrosyan (Russia)
“Shallow water magnetohydrodynamics in plasma astrophysics”

Oreste Pezzi (Italy)
“Collisional dissipation in turbulent weakly-collisional plasmas”

A. Yu Popov (Russia)
“Strong anomalous absorption and backscattering in the ECRH experiments due to parametric excitation of localized upper hybrid waves”

Alexandre Poyé (France)
“ElectroMagnetic Pulse generation in short pulse laser experiments”

Alex Rigby (UK )
“Electron acceleration by wave turbulence in a magnetized plasma”

Raul Sanchez (Spain)
“Self-organized criticality and radial turbulent transport in fusion plasmas”

Jim Schroeder (USA)
“Using field-particle correlations to study wave-particle interactions in the LAPD”

Abhijit Sen (India)
“Nonlinear Fore-wake Excitations in Space and Laboratory Plasmas”

K C Shaing (Taiwan)
“Banana kinetic equation in tokamaks”

Masaya Shigeta (Japan)
“Modelling for Thermal Plasma Flow Dynamics”

David Shklyar (Russia)
“Resonant wave-particle interactions as a means of energy transfer between various particle populations”

Mikhail Shneider (USA)
“Nanoparticles Growth аnd Coagulation in Weakly Ionized Plasma”

Gary Staebler (USA)
“Transport Properties of Steady State Tokamak Regimes”

Dmytro Sydorenko (Canada)
“Particle-in-cell simulation of instabilities and anomalous transport driven by electron and ion streams in low-pressure plasma discharges”

Saikat Thakur (USA)
“Axial plasma detachment in helicon plasmas during a global transition due to spontaneous self-organization: Instabilities, bifurcation and the helicon core formation”

Akira Tonegawa (Japan)
“Study of divertor plasma with curvature and divergence magnetic configurations in the linear simulator device”

Hirotaka Toyoda (Japan)
“Meter-scale atmospheric-pressure microwave plasma for molecular gas processes”

Natalia Tronko (Germany)
“Gyrokinetic theory for numerical implementations”

Tsanko Tsankov (Germany)
“A novel stochastic heating concept in periodic vortex field structures for large area plasma generation”

Frank Tsung (USA)
“Petascale Particle-in-Cell Simulation of Kinetic Effects in High Energy Density Plasmas”

Tomohiko Watanabe (Japan)
“Structural formation and transition to Alfvenic turbulence in auroral plasma”

Marco Velli (USA)

Eleonora Viezzer (Spain)

Gunsu Yun (Korea)
“Non-modal fluid instabilities and ion cyclotron harmonic waves in the boundary of KSTAR plasmas with time-varying flow shear”